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Pine Close Management (Horsell) Ltd - Residents Website

Resident community

Parking - the Close has communal parking on the road and in the parking bays. The parking area in the garage area has 9 spaces and we ask that residents park in the marked bays. Please do not park on the grass. Also, please note that untaxed cars are not permitted on the estate.


Communal garden - the communal gardens are tended to by the Close gardener, Mario. This is covered by the monthly service charge. Mario also offers private arrangements with residents should they want a garden maintenance service e.g. cutting the front lawn. The flower beds are looked after separately by the residents - the more hands to help the better! Speak to Rosemary if you are interested in helping out.


Water/electricity - for the use of residents there are two water taps at each end of the garages (e.g. for residents to wash their cars or water their front gardens). There is also an electricity power socket accessible within the electricity cupboard which is in the middle of the garage area. For access to this speak to one of the Directors. Should residents wish to use this for charging electric cars please speak to one of the Directors.


Security - the Close is fitted with a number of security cameras. Should you need to obtain any of the recorded footage speak to James or Kyle. As we operate Neighborhood Watch in the Close all security incidents should be reported to the Neighborhood Watch officer for the Close, Rosemary.


Pine Close management company

Communal areas

Annual BBQ - In July each year the residents get together to have a street BBQ. It is a great way meet all the neighbours and is always good fun.


Mailing list - For updates on close information and the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, sign up to our mailing list.


Pine Close WhatsApp group - residents have set up a WhatsApp group which all residents are welcome to join. It's the best way to keep abreast of the goings on (including socials) within the close. Ask any other resident within the group to add you.


Monthly service charge - to cover the cost of regular upkeep and maintenance of all communal areas, along with the general costs of running a property management company, a monthly service charge is payable by the owners of each house to the management company. The current charge is £42 per month (from 1st January 2018), payable on the 1st of the month.


New residents can find more details on how to pay this along with the bank details on the 'Monthly Service Charge Form' from the documents page on this website.  For new owners the monthly service charge is due from the first full month following property completion. Residents leaving the Close should ensure they are fully paid up before leaving.


Share Certificate - the owners of every house on the close have a single shareholding in the management company - Pine Close Management (Horsell) Ltd. This shareholding should be transferred from the vendor to the new property owner on completion. Please speak with your solicitors and the Company Secretary to ensure the share is transferred on completion. Not having the share certificate transferred may prevent/delay the onward sale of the property and result in you not being eligible to vote or stand for election at the Management Company's AGM. If you experience a life event which will change the name/s of who should be recorded as a shareholder (e.g. marriage or a spouse's death), you should let the company secretary know so that the shareholder register can be updated. 


The management company Board - consists of elected Directors who are shareholders and often residents on the Close. The Directors meet roughly 4 times a year to discuss the management of the communal land which is private (e.g. gardens, parking bays, garage area and paths (the road and pavements are council owned). If you have anything to raise to the Management Company please get in touch with any of the Directors or the Company Secretary (these are listed on the contact us page). If you are interested in become a Director, election of new Directors occurs annually at the AGM.


AGM - The management company AGM is held every summer and all residents, both shareholders and tenants, are welcome to join us for a glass of wine and nibbles.

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